Heat resisting bushing feeders (further - feeders), are intended for reception coarse fibre, thin and superthin glass staple fibres from rocks at temperature up to 1350 .

  1. Feeders correspond to requirements of specifications and the working drawings approved when due hereunder.
  2. Key parameters and the sizes
    • With one-piece a bushing plate:
    • Bushing plate, consisting of a plate and welded wings.
Feeders by quantity bushing correspond to the requirements, presented table, and in the sizes - resulted on figures 1 and 2.

Characteristics of feeders

Type of a feederQuantity of forming apertures, (bushing), piecesDiameter of forming apertures (bushing), mm
ValueExtreme deviation
For thin fibres1-54 - 100,5
For superthin fibres220-3501,8 - 2,50,05
For coarse fibres12-1003,0 - 5,00,1

Figure 1

    In coordination with the Customer manufacturing feeders of other sizes, and also feeders without apertures with processing apertures at the Customer is supposed.
    3 Characteristics
    3.1 The bushing plate of a feeder is made of the heat resisting alloy providing following the operational characteristics:
  • Temperature of bushing weeding not less + 1300 °
  • Term of operation not less than 500 hours
  • The chemical compound, structure and heat resisting properties of an alloy are guaranteed by manufacturing techniques.
    3.2 Wings and a current contact jaws of feeder are made from high-alloy steel of mark 12189 in accordance with 5632.


In coordination with the Customer feeders without current contact jaws or preparations for manufacturing feeders (heat resisting plates in the size can be delivered: 2909012 mm and 4208012 mm).
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