State Enterprase " Scientific Technological Centre " Basalt-fiber materials " IPM NS of Ukraine - earlier Research laboratory of basalt fibers IPM NS of Ukraine.

SE STC "BAVOMA" is the developer of industrial technologies and the equipment for manufacture basalt ultra- , micro -, superthin, thin, coarse and continuous fibers, composites and products on their basis. Results of work of scientific employees of the center are introduced more than at forty enterprises of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

SE STC "BAVOMA" constantly works in a direction of improvement of basalt technologies and modernizations of the industrial equipment that enables to reduce power inputs by production and to improve its quality. The introduced modular principle enables without significant capital investments and in short terms to create basalt manufactures of a special-purpose designation.

Original ecologically pure technology, cheap raw material, which stocks in the nature are practically unlimited, high mechanical, sound- and heat-insulated, insulating, filtering and other properties of basalt fibers and products from them cause a great demand in different industries: building, ship-building, petrochemical, the city municipal services, special technics, etc.

In the center the equipment and technologies are developed for reception from rocks basaltfibrous materials. It ultra- , micro -, a superthin, thin, coarse, continuous basalt fibre, scales, composites and products on their basis.

SE STC "BAVOMA" has a priority in sphere of development of creation and manufacture basaltfibrous production.

SE STC "BAVOMA" is the organization which in a system and complex carries out researches of rocks on suitability for reception of basalt fibers, is engaged in research of their properties.

Practically all information quoted in references about mineralogical and chemical compounds of rocks, properties of melts, physical and chemical properties basaltfibrous materials and them maintenance characteristics is received in Research laboratory of basalt fibers IPM NS of Ukraine.

In SE STC "BAVOMA" the bank of help data is created: " technology - properties - the equipment - operational characteristics ", the technical and economic analysis.

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