SE "Scientific Technological Centre "BAVOMA" offers following forms of co-operation:

  • Development new, modernization and automation of existing production engineering of basalt continuous, thin and superthin staple fibers and products from them.
  • Development new basalt fibrous materials and technologies of their application for effective protection against fires of metal and concrete designs of underground and high-altitude constructions.
  • Test of raw material, selection of a raw-material base for manufacture of various types of basalt fibers in view of requirements to end production.
  • The analysis, testing and certification of various kinds of basalt fibers, and also basalt fibrous, mineral wool and glass-fiber production.
  • Development and the statement THAT and rules on basalt heat-insulated materials.
  • Manufacturing, complete set, installation and start "on a turn-key basis" mini-factories on manufacture superthin, continuous and thin staple basalt fibers and products on their basis, training of experts.
  • Author's support of process of manufacture, modernization of the process equipment according to new development of the center.
  • Transfer of the specifications and technical documentation, the technological and operational documentation, Know-how.
  • Development and examination business-plans of the organization of basalt manufacture.


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